Is The Roadmap 3.0 Course Worth It? I Bought It To Find Out (Roadmap 2.0)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got some of the “side hustle” TikTok videos being served on your FYP. And if so, I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the Roadmap to Riches or the Roadmap 3.0 digital marketing course with master resell rights… because this course is absolutely viral right now. This review also applies to The Roadmap 2.0.

And if not, I’ll fill you in.

The Roadmap To Riches Course with Master Resell Rights


I can’t believe I am writing this – but just 4.5 months after signing up for The Roadmap, I have made over $60k – almost ALL from course sales đŸ˜­đŸ€©

Disclaimer: I cannot promise you will have the same results, or any results at all. My results aren’t typical, but they are the result of purchasing The Roadmap, taking the course, and hard work on my part!

If you want to learn how to build an online business and are prepared to do the work, get The Roadmap here today!

The Roadmap 2.0 (now the Roadmap 3.0) aka Roadmap to Riches is a digital marketing course that claims to teach you the A to Z of digital marketing and starting an online business – literally from scratch.

I’ve seen TikTok creators call it a “college level course” because of the amount of information in it.

And the cherry on top?

It comes with a thing called “master resell rights” or MRR.

What’s that, you ask?

Master resell rights is a license agreement that allows you to buy the course once and resell it for 100% profit. So, since the course costs $497, you can resell it for $497. Not only can you make your money back, essentially making the course free, you can sell it as many times as you want and earn buckets of money.

Sounds scammy, right?

Well, not so fast!

Master Resell Rights – Legit or Nah?

As it turns out, master resell rights have been around for quite a while, and it’s a totally legal thing. It just hasn’t been well known and it hasn’t really been a popular thing in the online course community before. Well, at least not until February of 2023 when The Roadmap course launched.

So me being the person I am – I was instantly drawn to the idea of the course for several reasons.

I’ve been wanting to get into the digital products game for a while now. And I already know how valuable courses are, so the idea of buying a course that would teach me more about digital products but also being able to sell that course as one of my digital products… now that’s just too enticing.

Plus, I follow several creators who have made BANK with this course over the past year.

One girl I follow made almost a million dollars in 2023 and made $35k between Jan 1st and Jan 24th of 2024.

A guy I follow has made over 100k in the last 4 months and quit his job.

Another guy I follow has made over 170k in the last 4 months.

And that’s only a handful of people! But I didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon of promoting this course without sitting down, taking notes, and fully vetting the course to see if it’s actually as good as they say. If you’re curious about that, the following article is my personal and honest review on The Roadmap digital marketing course with master resell rights.

What Does the Roadmap Teach You?

the roadmap digital marketing course with master resell rights

In short, the Roadmap to Riches course has 28 modules that contain over 250 in-depth video tutorials that teach you the A to Z of starting your own online business. It covers everything from choosing the best business model for you, to launching an online business, to promoting it online, and what to do once you start to see success.

The beginning of the course lays the foundations – and literally teaches you about the foundations of a business. You learn how to come up with niche ideas and business ideas, how to come up with a brand vision and goal that helps keep you on track, and you learn about legal stuff.

Then you learn about how to come up with product ideas, how to create products, and more.

Next, the real fun begins.

The course has multiple modules with step-by-step video tutorials that show you how to create digital products using Canva, and then it shows you how to set up a website or a Stan Store that will host your digital products and take payments from customers.

And all of this is incredibly thorough – I used it to help set up my Stan Store and I didn’t even need to Google a thing. All the information was there and it was so simple, and I’m sure it saved me a ton of time and frustration of trying to figure it out myself.

Learning Marketing with The Roadmap

After you get all the back-end stuff set up, the course teaches you the core principles of marketing, how to find people to buy your products, and how to use social media to get people to know you exist.

It has modules on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, even SEO and blogging!

You can see a list of all of the modules on my landing page for The Roadmap To Riches Course with Master Resell Rights.

And if you like that page… I learned how to build it with the Roadmap Course. So cool!

Who is The Roadmap for?

The Roadmap 2.0 / Roadmap 3.0 course is for anyone who wants to start an online business or start making money online. This applies to just about anyone in any niche.

Although we’ve all seen the videos of people in the “side hustle” niche promoting this course, that’s not the only thing you can use it for.

Aside from the fact that you can resell the course, it’s actually a really in-depth training that will teach you everything you need to know about making money online.

When I first bought the course, I started watching the modules immediately. I spent several hours watching course content and assumed I would be about done with the course… WRONG. I was only 9% through. I specifically remember that feeling of shock and like “okay wow. this is a LOT of information.”

How much does The Roadmap 3.0 course cost?

The Roadmap course costs $497. When I purchased the course, I didn’t want to shell out that much money, so I found someone who offered a payment plan. And now I also offer Roadmap to Riches payment plans because I want it to be more accessible for anyone who wants to buy it.

PS – if you buy it from me, I also included my Digital Product Profits Vault – a vault with 7 high-quality digital products that teach you how to create and sell digital products, how to create a faceless social media account, and so much more. It’s a $399 value and I’m including it for free for anyone who buys The Roadmap here.

Oh, and the Digital Product Profits Vault products all come with master resell rights – meaning you can resell them, too! Imagine buying a master resell rights course and immediately getting access to 8 done-for-you digital products that you can sell. That’s what you get, but only if you get The Roadmap here.

Roadmap to Riches Reviews & Testimonials

Students are RAVING about the Roadmap – here are just a few of my favorite testimonials from the private Roadmap 2.0 community!

roadmap to riches testimonials

If these are hard to read in the image, you can see the full size version on my landing page at The Roadmap 2.0 Digital Marketing Course with MRR.

Here are a couple more student reviews!

“I originally purchased the Roadmap back in April as one of the first 200 in the community, and my mind was BLOWN at the amount of valuable information in this course, and the unmatched support of the community! As someone who tried LM (and got suckered into the blueprints), but did not align at all, I had no expectations when I started this journey. Man, was I wrong! My whole life changed in a matter of months! It took about 2 weeks to have my first sale, but I had TWO in that first day and reached 5 figures within 9 days! I was able to quit my remote job within 3 weeks and pay off over $20k in credit card debt! More importantly, I found my true passion and made friendships that will last a lifetime, all thanks to Zach and Hannah. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and I am so thankful that I get to help others change their life the same way mine has changed!” – Liz P

“Hi everyone! I’m Everly a nurse from Australia. I started my digital marketing journey 6 weeks ago. I started off with the roadmap to riches course, and can i say i implemented all the strategies into my faceless account!! This month alone, i have surpassed $4500+ in sales, as a complete beginner, it’s so mindblowing! digital marketing is booming!! Thank you so much ROADMAP CREATORS!!! this is the ultimate course !” – Everly

roadmap to riches reviews

Is the Roadmap 2.0 Course Worth It? My Opinion After Buying The Course

I’m gonna start off by saying I’m no newbie to digital marketing and I’m certainly no newbie to taking online courses. I got my start online back in 2016 when I saw a digital marketing course advertised on Instagram. I spent about $600 on the course, and have since invested thousands into other digital marketing courses in hopes of learning new things.

So, I feel like I can reasonably and responsibly answer the question: Is the Roadmap to Riches course worth it? In my opinion, yes, it is, especially for the low price of the course.

Compared to other marketing courses on the market today, The Roadmap 2.0 costs only a fraction of what you can expect to pay elsewhere. One of the top trainings today costs around $2500 and you can’t even resell it!

I think The Roadmap to Riches course is WELL worth it because of the vast amount of information, the quality of the information (aka it’s actually helpful), the community, and the fact that you can resell the course for 100% profit.

And as far as community goes, The Roadmap course comes with a private forum with over 33k+ members who are active and posting every single day, sharing wins, asking questions, and helping each other.

They have weekly live calls and the community on social media platforms are also insanely helpful and friendly. I’ve made so many friends since I started this course, and that’s hard to come by when you’re a marketing entrepreneur. It’s kinda hard to meet people who *get* you when you spend your time working remotely!

My Personal Results With The Roadmap 3.0 Course (How Much I’ve Made)


I can’t believe I am writing this – but just 4.5 months after signing up for The Roadmap, I have made over $60k – almost ALL from course sales đŸ˜­đŸ€©

Disclaimer: I cannot promise you will have the same results, or any results at all. My results aren’t typical, but they are the result of purchasing The Roadmap, taking the course, and hard work on my part!

If you want to learn how to build an online business and are prepared to do the work, get The Roadmap here today!

Screenshot from my payment processor

As of writing this article, I’ve made over $3,000 with The Roadmap course and I’m only 7 weeks into promoting it. And the first 4 weeks I didn’t make a cent, so I’ve made $3,000 in the past 3 weeks, which is pretty amazing!

This is more than I’ve ever made with any other online course before and it’s more than I’ve ever made in this short amount of time from any side hustle ever, aside from freelancing. And if you’ve ever done that, you know it’s FAR from passive. So I’m VERY excited and I can’t wait to see where this takes me!

Is the Roadmap to Riches a Pyramid Scheme?

The question everyone is asking: is The Roadmap to Riches a pyramid scheme? No, it’s not!

However, I can see why it seems like that to some people, especially if you’re totally new to digital marketing or the “side hustle” niche.

A pyramid scheme is an illegal business operation in which one person on top sells something to someone below them. They tell that person that they can make money if they ALSO sell the thing – but the person on top ALSO makes more money every time someone below them sells it.

That cycle goes on and on and on until it forms a “Pyramid” shape of people – with only one person at the top.

Master resell rights isn’t like that. MRR is not a pyramid scheme.

The creators don’t make ANY money when someone sells the course. They still sell the course themselves to their own audience, but they don’t make money on anyone else’s sale. So there is no hierarchy or structure, and it is not a pyramid.

Plus, the only way to make money with a pyramid scheme is to sell the product.

You can make money with The Roadmap in so many other ways than just reselling it. And you can create digital products and sell them in ANY niche. You can learn how to do blogging and SEO and make money from advertising, like I do. Or, you can use it to grow a huge TikTok following and monetize with the Creativity Beta, or TikTok Shop.

The possibilities are endless.

Do I Recommend The Roadmap 3.0 MRR Digital Marketing Course?

Heck yeah I do. And I am PROUD to recommend it.

This is a seriously valuable course and I do believe it is on par with a college-level course.

I’ve bought into some courses hoping to promote them as an affiliate, only to be letdown after realizing that they weren’t actually valuable – especially not for the price, and they went against my values.

I don’t feel like that with this course. It has everything you need to start an online business and I am 100% confident that it’s perfect for beginners, but it’s even great for more advanced people like myself. I actually learned quite a bit from it!

You can purchase The Roadmap through my landing page here. You’ll also get access to my Digital Product Profits Vault for free when you sign up as a bonus and my “thank you” to you.

Get My Digital Product Profits Vault For Free – A $399 Value

When you buy The Roadmap to Riches course through me, you get instant access to my Digital Product Profits Vault for FREE. This vault has multiple products valued at $399, and I’m giving it away for free as a thank you for buying through my link!

You will get the vault instantly after you purchase. All the products in the vault come with master resale rights and editable templates that you can edit in Canva to resell them as your own for whatever price you desire! Here’s what’s included:

  • 53-page Digital Product Profits Guide
  • TikTok Mastery Guide
  • How to Achieve Financial Freedom With MRR – In-depth guide
  • Faceless Digital Marketing For Beginners – A guide on faceless marketing
  • 100 Faceless Video Ideas for TikTok and IG Reels
  • Faceless Content Bundle – This includes 100 Faceless aesthetic vertical videos, 20 IG story templates, and 20 IG feed templates
  • Canva Design Mastery Crash Course – a deep dive crash course into Canva design with a guide and video tutorials

You won’t find this bonus bundle ANYWHERE else.

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