Is Master Resell Rights A Pyramid Scheme? The Surprising Truth

The master resell rights hype is huge on the internet these days. And some people are really making it seem way too good to be true… so is it? Is master resell rights a pyramid scheme? An MLM? Is it legit or nah? Let’s break it down in this article. 

What Is Master Resell Rights?

Master resell rights or MRR might sound like a marketing buzzword at first, especially thanks to all the hype on TikTok and IG, but it’s actually a real thing. And it’s been around for many years. 

In essence, master resell rights is a legal licensing agreement that allows you to purchase a digital product like a digital guide or a course and then you can resell it for 100% profit to other people. 

It allows buyers to then become sellers without having to create their own digital products. 

Unlike traditional retail or reselling physical items that you can only sell once, you can resell a digital product an infinite amount of times. 

This concept allows anyone who wants to start an online business to have a shorter path to success with the opportunity to sell done-for-you digital products that have a high value and a high quality. 

It’s not a loophole or a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a legitimate and legal licensing agreement and business mode that has been gaining a lot of attention online because of its flexibility and potential. 

Is Master Resell Rights a Pyramid Scheme?

Many people online are calling master resale rights a pyramid scheme and I can understand the initial skepticism because I was skeptical at first, but let’s dive into the differences between a pyramid scheme and MRR. 

A pyramid scheme is shaped like a triangle. You have one person (or a couple of people) at the top of the triangle. In order for them to make money, they have to recruit more people into their company. These new people will then recruit even more people. These people make up the second row of the triangle. 

In order for the second row of people to make money, they have to recruit more people. Part of their profit also goes to the people at the top, and so on and so forth. 

In order for people to make money, they have to keep recruiting. If they don’t recruit, they don’t make money. And the people above you are always pressuring you to recruit people because they make money when you do. It’s more about getting more people to join than it is to actually sell a product.

With a pyramid scheme, there often isn’t even a legit product. 

With master resell rights, on the other hand, there is no hierarchy of people. And it is value-based, meaning the entire business model focuses on the product.

How it works: You buy a product from one person. That person gets 100% of the profit. 

The product itself is a valuable product that teaches you something you want to know, or it teaches you how to do a specific thing. 

You can then make the choice to resell it, where you keep 100% of the profit. However, reselling it isn’t required and no one else makes any of your money. There is no top, bottom, and middle. It’s just you and your customer.

Making Money With MRR Products Without Reselling Them

With MRR products like the ones I sell, for example, The Roadmap Course, there are so many ways to make money with it. 

The Roadmap course teaches you how to start and grow an online business in any niche. 

You can apply the teachings of The Roadmap to make money in the Fitness niche, the Astrology niche, the Language Learning niche, and literally any other niche. It teaches you how to set up a business back end, how to create and sell products, and so much more. 

You do have the choice to resell the course, but that’s not the main point of it. 

With a pyramid scheme, the only way to make money is to recruit more people into the company. These two things are very different when you look closely.

Read my Roadmap to Riches course review.

Is Master Resell Rights an MLM?

Similar to a pyramid scheme, an MLM requires you to sell to people below you and you are also heavily incentivized to recruit more people into your MLM in order to make money. 

So no, master resell rights is not an MLM and does not function like one. 

There is no recruiting, no downline, etc. 

You purchase a product that you may or may not use depending on your needs and goals. You can then resell that product to your own customers and keep 100% of the profit. 

Is Master Resell Rights Legit? 

Yes, master resell rights is a legitimate thing. As we covered above, it’s a legal licensing agreement that the original product creator attaches to their course. 

This licensing agreement allows the purchaser to resell the digital product whether it be a course, a digital guide or download, etc, for 100% profit. 

Hopefully at this point, it’s easier to see the differences between MRR and something like a MLM or pyramid scheme.

Check out the MRR product that helped me make $60k+ in just over 4 months in totally passive income:

Disclaimer: I do not promise that you will have the same results that I have, or any results at all. I don’t know how serious you are or how hard you’ll work! My results are due to my own hard work, and I don’t make any income guarantees for yourself or anyone else.

How MRR or Master Resale Rights Works

When you purchase a product with MRR attached, you can then set up your own sales process such as a landing page, order page, and thank you page. This allows you to promote the product and send interested people to your own sales page and when they purchase, you keep 100% of the profits. 

You might be wondering why someone would put master resale rights on their work. How are they making money if they don’t receive any of the profit? 

With The Roadmap course, for example, the original course creators wanted to revolutionize the digital marketing course industry. They gave their students MRR so they could truly learn how to start their own online businesses. Although the course creators don’t earn anything from other people’s sales of the course, they still earn money in other ways. 

For example, they also sell the course to their own audience. And they earn affiliate income from affiliate products they promote within the course. 

They have also used the notoriety they have gained from creating this course to build a membership subscription called EntreX, which is a platform full of many courses from many other creators. 

Master Resell Rights vs. Private Label Rights

In the digital marketing world, you may also come across a term called Private Label Rights or PLR. 

This is another licensing agreement that is often attached to digital products like articles, content, and e-books. 

PLR and MRR are very similar, but here is where they are different. 

MRR allows you to purchase the course and resell it for 100% profit. Unless otherwise stated in the license terms, you are not allowed to alter the content or the design. With The Roadmap, you can’t sell it for anything less than $497. You also cannot alter the content. 

With PLR, you can edit and alter the content to your heart’s desire. It’s often required to rename the product and put your own name on it as the author. You can also change the branding, the colors, and remove or add more content as you see fit. With PLR, you are able to charge whatever price you want to resell it, or you can give it away as a freebie. 

How To Make Money With Master Resell Rights

Diving into the world of master resell rights can be your ticket to growing a highly profitable online business quickly, especially when you focus on the right type of products. 

They key lies in distinguishing between low-ticket and high-ticket products. Low-ticket products are what many people may initially flock to because they seem easier to sell with a lower price, but it’s the high-ticket products, like The Roadmap course, that truly shine in building an MRR business. This is because promoting high-ticket items means much larger profits per sale. 

Imagine this: you decide to start selling MRR products and you focus on a $27 digital guide. 

If you want to get to $5,000 a month, you will need to sell 186 of this guide per month. That’s around 7 sales per day. 

With a high-ticket product like The Roadmap, on the other hand, you’d only need to sell 10 a month to reach that income goal because the course has a price point of $497. That’s only 2.5 sales per week! 

When you look at it like this, it makes much more sense to promote high-ticket products. 

Plus, with just one sale of The Roadmap, you make back your entire initial investment. 

Build a Sustainable Business By Focusing On The Right Products

Finding the right product to promote is crucial. You want something that not only has a high perceived value but also delivers on its promises, making it an easier sell. The Roadmap course is a prime example of a high-ticket item that offers immense value, teaching the ins and outs of digital marketing from scratch. By focusing on such high-quality, high-ticket products, you’re not only just selling; you’re also providing value, which is key to building a sustainable business. 

This approach allows you to grow your income faster, because each sale is 100% profit. This makes the MRR a highly attractive and effective strategy for online entrepreneurs.

Investing In a High-Ticket MRR Product

If high-ticket is the way you want to go, your high-ticket product should cover these bases: 

  • Have a high-ticket price point
  • Have a high perceived value (aka people need to feel like it’s worth the cost)
  • Have a high level of actual value (aka a product that over-delivers on quality once someone actually purchases)

Here’s how The Roadmap delivers on all of these points: 

  • The price is $497. This isn’t an astronomical price (it’s actually affordable compared to other courses) but it helps you make a decent amount of profit. 
  • High perceived value: This course is in high-demand with over 35k students. It has a very high perceived value because it is so popular. 
  • High level of true value: This course has over 27 hours and 263 individual video tutorials, making it as long as a college course semester. This product truly over-delivers on its promises. The videos are actionable and high-quality. 

This makes The Roadmap an ideal high-ticket product, in my opinion. 

If you purchase The Roadmap from me, you also get my Digital Product Profits Vault for free – a $399 value. This vault includes 7 high-quality digital products that include guides, workbooks, and stock videos and photos. All of these products also come with MRR and PLR, so you can rebrand them and resell them as your own. 

So not only do you get your high-ticket digital product to sell with the course, but you also get 7 low-ticket products to include as options for your customers. 

If you’re ready to get started with MRR as your path to business success, click the button below and I’ll see you on the inside!

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