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Every tool recommended on this website has been tested and vetted by experienced digital marketing strategists to bring you the most accurate information, pros and cons, and more.

Our tool vetting process includes:

  • User Testing
  • Pricing Comparisons
  • Features Comparisons
  • Pros and Cons

and much more – all to help you make the most educated decisions on what marketing tools are worth it for you and your business.

About Carrie Wilder

Hey! 👋

I’m Carrie – the creator of this website and everything you read here.

I’m a seasoned digital marketing strategist and I’ve been working in digital marketing since 2017.

I specialize in SEO, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and niche blogging strategies.

I’ve always been a side-hustler at heart, and I’m incredibly passionate about the internet and the career and entrepreneurship opportunities it’s created for ordinary people.

Although I consider myself a “jack of all trades” in the marketing world, strategies, tools, and tips are my favorite things to learn about and write about.

I have the unique ability to hyperfocus on things I’m interested in, which means I can spend 16 hours researching a tactic or learning a new software – and it feels like play to me.

So, I bring all of my knowledge and hyperfixations into The World Wild Web – I do the research and experimentation so you don’t have to.

Featured In: 

I have worked with and been featured in many websites in the digital marketing industry, including: 

  • Niche Pursuits
  • The HOTH
  • AOL.com

And many more clients outside of the marketing industry – namely the RV industry, where I work as the Advertising and SEO Manager for the leading RV Club in the US.

How I Got Here

I’m going to be up-front with you:

I don’t have a marketing degree, nor did I go to school for it.

Everything I’ve learned I’ve had to seek out for myself, with blogs, YouTube, and online courses.

My favorite digital marketing course didn’t even exist when I first got started, so I had to do a lot of hard research on my own! I wish I had a course like this when I was first starting out… It would have saved me SO MUCH time and money.

I worked in retail and the restaurant industry my entire adult life – at least until 2016 when I decided something HAD to change.

I was incredibly burnt out on life and I had a dream of RVing to see the country – but I had no way to afford it.

To make a long story short, I discovered digital marketing. In the beginning, I focused on learning how to become a freelance social media manager so I could work remotely and travel.

That enabled me to start making some money remotely – and after a while, I started taking on freelance clients and helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with social media challenges in their businesses. This enabled me to work online full-time… but I was still burnt out because I was still working for other people.

I eventually landed a remote job with a travel company I love, and I still work for them today because I love the company and their mission.

However, my entrepreneurial spirit never went away. I never stopped dreaming about creating passive income streams online that would make money even when I wasn’t working on them.

So I went back to the VERY FIRST side hustle I ever saw online: affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing enables me to make extra money in my sleep to help support my family, my travels, and save for the future. And that’s why this website was born!

The main reasons I created this website are:

  • To share my passion and knowledge about marketing strategies
  • To teach you about my favorite marketing tools that I use in my side hustle and my marketing job
  • To inspire you to learn more about marketing so you can live life on your terms!

And since we’re talking about me, here are some of my favorite things (in no particular order):

  • Cats
  • Camping
  • Internet and meme culture
  • LGBTQ culture and issues
  • The 90’s aesthetic
  • Neon 80’s surfwear style
  • Backwards hat
  • Dad shoes
  • Dad jokes

Get in Contact

Want to get in touch? Connect with Carrie on social media:

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